Sales & Marketing

112 W 34th Street
Suite 2110
New York, NY 10120
Telephone Number: 212-714-1000
Fax Number: 212-687-3792

Andy Anderson, President, Sales
Telephone Number: 212-883-2117
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Basil Murrain, Vice President, Marketing & Promotion
Telephone Number: 212-883-2104
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John Campanario, Vice President, Digital Media & Brand Communications
Telephone Number: 212-609.1167
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Michael Hill, Director & Advertising Sales
Telephone Number: 212-883-2105
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Isaiah Bryant, Director, Advertising Sales / Marketing & Promotions
Telephone Number: 212-883-2106
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Cheryl McDonnell, Director, Digital & Advertising Sales
Telephone Number: 212-883-2101
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Mike Perciaccante, Director of Research
Telephone Number: 212-883-2115
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Chicago Office
932 West Madison
Chicago, IL 60607

Telephone Number: 312-558-1906

Stephen Bates, Director, Advertising Sales
Telephone Number: 312-558-1906
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