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Published on December 20th, 2019 | by Candace Simpson

Real Prayers for Everyday Needs

Prayer can be as fluid as our human experience. It’s not only how we communicate with God—it’s how we articulate our deepest concerns to ourselves. I’ve learned a few ways to pray. I learned the sandwich method in Sunday School, the “five finger method” at a convention, the unscripted spirited method, and of course, I’ve known the Lord’s Prayer since second grade.

But when I was in seminary, I learned a neat trick from Professor Janet Walton and Professor Troy Messenger. It’s called “God–We(or I)–So.” First, you focus on God’s characteristics. Then you offer a human need, challenge or victory. Finally, you actionably connect the first two portions.

Here’s an example.

God, you are the one who walks with us in the wilderness. You are a shepherd, a loving parent and friend.

We are desperately in need of a guide.

So, make your presence known and whisper words of comfort in our ears. Equip us with tangible reminders that you are with us…even when the way is not known to us.

In this spirit, I asked some friends for prayer requests. Here are four real prayers.

When You Think Your Jeans Are On Their Last Leg (Pun Intended)

            God, you made my flesh beautiful. Even before I entered this world, you were excited about me. You made this body, you nourish it, you sustain it, you delight in its fullness.

            I cannot afford another pair of jeans right now. Clothes are necessary for my daily activities. I am holding on to my last pair for dear life.

            So help my jeans to hold on just a little while longer. Preserve the frayed portions of my jeans, particularly the inner thighs.

When You’re Not Sure If You Bought Enough Braiding Hair

            God, you have given me the gift of being surrounded with an abundance of braiders. I thank you for the numerous stylists who help me (and so many of us) to feel our best. Thank you for bestowing upon them the gift of braiding.

            We in this moment would appreciate an interruption-free braiding session. We have so much to do, both on my end and on theirs.

            So extend the fibers of this braiding hair. Touch the parting comb of the stylist and guide her hands so that she might make the wisest decisions. Help her to discern when and how to make this last pack of hair work.

When You Get Hot Cheeto Dust On Your Blouse Before An Interview

            God, you see all and you know all. You know Hot Cheetos are my snack of choice when I’m stressed. You know how much this interview matters to me.

            We live in a world where first impressions matter.

            So soften the hearts of the interviewers. Give me the courage to make a joke and break the tension. And if there’s no possibility of that, make the presence of a Tide Pen known ASAP.

When You’re On a Date and You Don’t Want the Card to Be Declined

            God, you are a God of abundance and covering. You’ve made a way out of no way. You’ve helped me find quarters in the couch cushions and in old jeans when I needed to do laundry.

            We here on this date have really been enjoying each other’s company. But I did not check my balance before I walked into this movie theater line.

            So support this smooth and easy transaction. And in the case that the card gets declined, bless me with the gift of a compassionate date who understands the struggle. And may our next date be less awkward.

Candace Simpson is an educator, minister and writer. She believes that Heaven is a Revolution that can happen right here on Earth. She invites others into that philosophy at

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