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Published on July 11th, 2019 | by Nina Pulley

Paying it Forward: Ethan Emilo Gonzalez

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Three days ago, a little boy gave someone he saw playing on the street with no shoes on a brand new pair of Jordans and socks to match – ones he’d just received as a gift –  and his dad recorded the whole thing. Talk about paying it forward.

Now, you might, in a slightly jaded tone, ask, “So?” But this video has garnered over 450,000 views in less than two days. It turns out that the little boy, Ethan Emilo Gonzalez, and the boy he saw playing basketball with no shoes on, are both from the Dominican Republic. After hearing the boy’s story, Ethan, in broken Spanish, said, “No!” He did something about it right away, giving him a pair of brand new shoes and socks. The other boy ran excitedly up the stairs shown in the video to tell his mother about the remarkable act of kindness. 

It seems that most people are attracted to good works these days. With Donald Trump’s presidency and international relations rapidly declining, whenever someone does something to help another without expecting anything in return, it’s like we can all breathe again, if only for a moment. Examples are the YouTube videos about people caught in the midst of heroic acts, often entitled, “Faith In Humanity: Restored,” or, for example, this clip of a man who goes around parched plots of land creating water holes for animals whose ecosystems are slowly but surely disappearing:

Feel inspired yet? There are several other examples, but the best are often ones that involve children, like this one:

Children are our love; they are our future and they are often the ones leading the way for humanity. So it is that this anomalous video is encouraging its viewers to be a bit more loving, a bit more caring, to be moved when someone else’s condition is not as good as their own and do something about it. When watching this video, you might experience mixed emotions. First, it is being publicized – everything takes on a new meaning when it is circulated on social media, but this video does seem to be noteworthy, something truly good. In Matthew 6:3 it says, “Let not your right hand know what your left is doing.” This means, don’t over-applaud or give yourself too much credit for doing something for someone else; it should simply be the way you live – second nature. Is this the case when good works are recorded and spread to an audience? It all depends on the person, the circumstances, and the impact it has. Perhaps no one can truly know for sure except for them. 

Secondly, one might feel a little guilty. How many times in a day do we see a homeless person that we’re in a position to help but don’t? Too many to count.Ethan, on the other hand, took charge immediately. He’s a talented ten year old boy who wants to join the NBA, and is off to a good start. He’s been pictured with numerous NBA players and has already done work with Nike and other brands that are interested in his talent. You can follow his page, moderated by his father, at where_is_ethan4.

The Instagram video, originally posted on Ethan’s page, has been circulated by popular #blackexcellence promoters Because Of Them, and can be found below:

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