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Published on July 24th, 2019 | by Nina Pulley

[Listen] “Dreaming” Playlist

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We all have dreams. Places we want to go, people we want to see, ways we think the world can be better. No one, perhaps, can put it in better words than the late Donny Hathaway, and in the songs of his daughter, Lalah. In this playlist, Donny sings of hopes of where the future can go, how we can grow, and the places we go when we close our eyes. These imaginings fill the screen as Noname, Kirk Franklin, and other artists follow with songs about what lies close to their hearts: better days and better futures. 

Another word for a dream is an aspiration. These songs powerfully discuss the collective aspirations of people in a time of trouble, and express those hopes fluently in melodies, harmonies, and instrumentations that are meant to encourage and elucidate what is often so difficult to in everyday life. Whether you choose the word hope, dream, aspiration, or even the word tomorrow, deeply steeped in symbolic meaning about an improvement in conditions or a silver lining rising over a dark cloud, you’ll find this collection of songs reflective of the lot of them. During this time in America, we have to think about our youth: where are they going? Where do we want them to go? It is powerful to have a dream, or dreams, for our youth and their futures. Perhaps, with the increasing cacophony and busy-ness of our social media inundated everyday life we have attached to the present without developing strong goals for what the future holds. Our ancestors had hopes and dreams for us, and they carried us in their hearts and minds throughout all of their struggle. This playlist is a celebration of the human capacity to imagine better days, better times, better lives for all of us.

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