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Published on June 27th, 2019 | by Nicole Vear

Bishop Hezekiah Walker is “Living Proof” of a Healing at YouTube Studios

On Monday June 24th, Bishop Hezekiah Walker brought a testimony to YouTube Studios in New York City. The performance, which included an intimate conversation with Hezekiah and a Q & A moderated by Neicy Tribett, ushered in a new sound for the musical OG. Hezekiah delivered spiritual restoration in song once again with his latest offering, the single “Living Proof”. As the Bishop affirmed to the audience that he still makes music with sounds he is known for, he also confirmed that with “Living Proof”, he is trying something new.

The production of “Living Proof” is instantly recognizable as the sound of Black Washington, D.C. The funk and percussion of Go-Go music entered and intensely filled the space. There is a deep joy in the song where the chorus, bass and drums meet. It’s the same joy that exists when boys and girls beat their feet at Eastern Market, vibing to the rhythm in true D.C. fashion. “Living Proof” may prove to be one of Hezekiah’s most culturally influential songs.

In 2019, “Living Proof” is sure to resonate with audiences both sonically and for its message. He sings “He’ll forgive, have mercy, provide time and time again. Ask me how I know, I can tell you so – because I’m living proof” and this is Hezekiah’s truth.  His authenticity illuminated the studio as he talked with the audience about his life as a healer in need of healing. The song, in its simplicity and Hezekiah’s testimony, gave recognition and space to the issues in life that weigh on us.

During the conversation, Hezekiah’s transparency about addressing mental health issues with seeking healing through therapy reverberated with the crowd as they in turn spoke of mental health as a community issue. “Living Proof” sounds like the affirmation one can speak to when they have begun to weather the storm and survived to tell the first part of the story. When the entire album is released on RCA Records, audiences will hear the rest of the testimony. Watch the full event below:

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